Online identity and reputation will be decentralized. We will own the data that belongs to us

Technology is disrupting businesses again, and this time it’s blockchain. Blockchain offers a cryptographic way to store and access a verified list of transactions, data, information, results, and procedures, not relying on one storage facility, instead distributed across numerous nodes that instantaneously verify the data to ensure records aren’t lost, misplaced, tampered, falsified or exposed to hacking.

Blockchain Durability and robustness

Blockchain technology is like the internet in that it has a built-in robustness. By storing blocks of information that are identical across its network, the blockchain cannot:

  • Be controlled by any single entity.
  • Has no single point of failure.

The internet itself has proven to be durable for almost 30 years. It’s a track record that bodes well for blockchain technology as it continues to be developed.

We at Brighture IT believe patients should sit at the centre of healthcare. We believe in a future where patients data is private and secure, where patients have control over their health, where treatments are individualized, and data delivers better health outcomes – and not profit for someone else.

Brighture IT uses the latest latest technology (blockchain), as we believe health data must be kept safe from hackers, and not owned by anyone except the patient. Our upcoming product is a cryptographically secure network, resulting in instant transactions, privacy, security, immutability, accountability, and impeccable record keeping. It is architected to plug into existing medical records (EHRs), resulting in minimal integration overhead and business disruption. Our product will be compliant with all data security requirements, ISO standards, and global standards – including HIPAA compliant and protects the privacy and security of information exchanged through the platform

The Brighture-IT’s proficiency powers clients to explore the potential of customized blockchain solutions for their businesses. We know that blockchain powered activities are exploding globally as it’s the reinvention of the way we have been transacting so far.

Originally, the blockchain was created as a ledger technology to bring in transparency in transactions of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Data stored in block chain cannot be manipulated. The model carries absolute resistant to theft and tamper.

Using Blockchain in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is one oblivious reason because of which Blockchain came into existence. But, it can also be used in other sorts of applications and businesses transactions related to order tracking, supply chain, banking & finance, e-learning, online shopping, travel, insurance, healthcare, renewable energy, contact validation and several others.

Applications of Blockchain Technology
  • Automation 
  • Reduction in data storage cost
  • Reduce time
  • Elimination of data duplication
  • Enhanced data security
  • Reduced risk

Our Philosophy

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