The marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach consumers.
Digital Marketing

Integrating customer marketing communications across various online channels A digital marketing strategy allows customer to provide support to their website, by advertising it online. Customer business can engage with its target audience on a regular basis.

Customer's digital content strategy will be developed by assessing their current situation, researching their market, choosing the right digital marketing channels and finally by implementing engaging digital content.

If we are driving traffic back to customer's website, Brighture IT Consultancy Services needs to ensure that customer's website is fully equipped to successfully convert leads. Our creative team of web designers focus on delivering a mobile friendly and interactive user experience in everything they do. Various analytical tools allow us to measure the success of our customer campaigns.

1. Use content to connect to consumers online

According to NewsCred, 72 percent of marketers think branded content is more effective than advertising in a magazine, and 69 percent say it is superior to direct mail and PR. Maintaining a dominant online presence is crucial to both customer convenience and marketing success.

2. Track customers from the first interaction and throughout the entire buyer's journey

With analytics from digital marketing, you can track a potential customer's actions, decisions and preferences, so you have true insight into your audience's behavior.

3. Optimize for conversion

The ability to track a customer's journey beginning at the first click allows you to test and optimize your website for conversion on an ongoing basis.

4. Connect with mobile customers

Having a dominant online presence that is optimized for smartphone and tablet users can influence buying behavior. 82 percent of mobile searchers use their phones to check on prospective in-store purchases, and 65% look for the most relevant information to their queries. 33 percent of mobile users have purchased from a different brand than the one they had in mind because of the information listed.

5. Realize higher ROI and revenue

Increasing your digital outreach is a more predictable way of increasing your revenue than traditional marketing methods. Additionally, digital marketing provides you with real data, and predicting and realizing ROI is much easier done with real data in hand.

6. Analyze and adapt easily

Because digital marketing provides real, timely data, you can observe and adapt to trends and the actions that real people are taking. You don't have to rely on a sample data set or make any educated guesses — plan, execute, and adapt on the go based on true performance data.

7. Become more competitive

Digital marketing is how businesses are working now, and will continue to work in the future. If your business is not already in the digital marketing game, then you're behind. Ensure your business is competitive by employing a smart digital marketing strategy.

  • speed to market,
  • ability to target specific audiences and instantly adapt communications,
  • increased brand exposure,
  • ability to have two-way communication
  • results that are measured in real-time.

Our Philosophy

Value through Quality
Our prime focus is serving our client's businesses. We believe the quality of our work spearheads the value of our products and nurtures customer satisfaction
Embrace and Drive Change
Technology waits for no one. We have to be ready to learn, unlearn, and adapt. We do not fight change but embrace and, indeed, aim to drive it.

Open Communication
For relationships to have a life, communication has to pump the blood. We believe open and honest relationships accommodate dialogue and debate.
Determined for Customer Satisfaction
We know customer satisfaction is priceless. We go the extra mile to ensure our partnership contributesto the growth plans of our customers.

Delivery Through Competitive Urgency
We understand that passion towards customer satisfaction has to be balanced with the determination to deliver on time, with quality.
Strive for Excellence
It's a moving a target, but the fun of it working to hit that mark. We will keep an unwavering eye on attaining service excellence