Brighture-IT offers a broad array of consulting and solutions for Life Sciences, Global Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies.

The global life sciences industry is confronted with a host of challenges, including the healthcare crisis in many countries (especially the US), a declining patents regime, growing competition from generic producers, greater regulatory scrutiny, pricing pressures, changing demographics and the emergence of new untapped markets.

Why Brighture-IT
We have good relationship with clients from across the pharmaceuticals, biologics, immunology, medical device, biopharma, healthcare equipment, hospital software, and other life sciences companies. Our solutions are wide-ranging, from serialization to aid in packaging, anti-diversion measures at the packaging lines and distribution system, and IT upgrades to meet the changing regulatory environment, to turnkey IT projects and staffing solutions.

Our solutions cover several functional areas including:

Our Philosophy

Value through Quality
Our prime focus is serving our client's businesses. We believe the quality of our work spearheads the value of our products and nurtures customer satisfaction
Embrace and Drive Change
Technology waits for no one. We have to be ready to learn, unlearn, and adapt. We do not fight change but embrace and, indeed, aim to drive it.

Open Communication
For relationships to have a life, communication has to pump the blood. We believe open and honest relationships accommodate dialogue and debate.
Determined for Customer Satisfaction
We know customer satisfaction is priceless. We go the extra mile to ensure our partnership contributesto the growth plans of our customers.

Delivery Through Competitive Urgency
We understand that passion towards customer satisfaction has to be balanced with the determination to deliver on time, with quality.
Strive for Excellence
It's a moving a target, but the fun of it working to hit that mark. We will keep an unwavering eye on attaining service excellence